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Adult Carers

adult carers

Adult Carers are people who care for somebody over the age of 18 years old.

According to statistics there are 5.2million Carers in the United Kingdom, 10 000 of those who may be living in the Forest of Dean. Caring may involve simply doing a weekly shop, or cooking an occasional meal. It may be a great deal more. The fact is that one in three people involved in caring spend more than 20 hours a week in that role and for one in seven its more than 50 hours a week. For some it can be as much as 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You may not see yourself as a Carer, but simply the wife, partner, daughter, brother or friend of a person who needs help. This person may need support to remain at home due to a physical or mental disability or illness or due to being elderly or frail.

However as a Carer you are providing regular and substantial unpaid help, which can at times be time consuming and stressful. It can have an adverse affect on your own health , disrupt your family life and influence ability to hold down a job.  You have a right to have your needs considered and to receive support when you require it.

The goal of Crossroads Care - Forest of Dean & Herefordshire is to facilitate Carers to remove themselves from the extensive pressures of providing care for a period of time which will enable them to perhaps re-establish social contacts, enhance their relationships with other family members, return to a working environment or simply perform everyday tasks such as shopping.